Cherry Preserve – 370g

Cherry Preserve 370 g

Behind every widely known hospitality lies an even more famous preserve engraved in the culinary memory, and in this case, it is our spectacular cherry preserve. This is a preserve for all dreamers and idealists,
for all enthusiastic wanderers through their personal evolution. Impossible to forget, and a vital ingredient for strengthening current and future friendships,
becoming a part of your life journey.



– cherries 70%
– sugar
– lemon acid

Nutrition facts for 100 g:

– Energy value1263kJ/297kcal
– Fat content0.8 g
– Saturated fat0.0 g
– Carbohydrates75 g
– Sugar38 g
– Dietary fiber0.0 g
– Total protein0.3 g
– Salt0.0 g

Logistics information

– Gross weight583 g
– Transport package12/1
– Number of packages per palette132
– Number of packages in a row12
– Number of rows per palette11
– Gross weight of the package7.35 kg
– Net weight of the package4.44 kg
– Gross weight of the palette971.28 kg
– Net weight of the palette586.08 kg