Roasted red peppers – 500ml

Roasted red peppers 500 ml

Experienced gourmets know well who the real rock stars of Macedonian cuisine are. Yes, you know them too – their excellency the roasted red peppers! We organized a large national audition and put together the highest quality group that will honor even those with the most specific taste. . Can you imagine now how much glory only one jar contains!?



– red pepper
– parsley
– garlic
– water
– vinegar
– sugar
– salt

Nutrition facts for 100 gr.

– Energy value90kJ/22kcal
– Sodium cloride%
– Carbonhidrates4.50%
– Total protein0.30%
– Moisture%
– Ash%
– Fat content0.70%
– Sugar0.00%
– Salt1.00%
– Cellulose%
– Saturated fat0.00%

Logistics information

– Gross weight790 kg
– Transport package12/1
– Number of packages per palette100
– Number of packages per palette12
– Number of packages per palette7
– Gross weigth of the package9.48 kg
– Net weigth of the package6 kg
– Gross weigth of the palette968 kg
– Net weigth of the palette600 kg