Marinated red peppers – 1.7l

Marinated red peppers 1.7 l

Having peppers on hand is always a good idea, but we had an even better one – to find the best ones and keep their freshness in a marinade. Like you, we believe that food is art, which qualifies the marinated long peppers from our home kitchen to be an irreplaceable pillar of everyone’s culinary architecture.



– red pepper
– parsley
– garlic
– water
– sunflower oil
– vinegar
– sugar
– salt

Nutrition facts for 100 g:

– Energy value159kJ/38kcal
– Fat content1.4 g
– Saturated fat0.1 g
– Carbohydrates5.5 g
– Sugar2.2 g
– Dietary fiber
2.2 g
– Total protein0.8 g
– Salt1.2 g
– Moisture88.32 %
– Ash1.86 g

Logistics information

– Gross weight2.356 kg
– Transport package6/1
– Number of packages per palette72
– Number of packages in a row9
– Number of rows per palette8
– Gross weight of the package13.8 kg
– Net weight of the package6 kg
– Gross weight of the palette993.6 kg
– Net weight of the palette432 kg