Lutenica – 500gr

Lutenica 500 gr

A layer of peppers after a layer of tomatoes, threaded as a memory by this recipe from our grandparents’ cuisine. Our fairytales lutenica will take you in the realm between reality and dream, reminding you of the comforts of home at every bite. Open it and start reading its family history, where each bite is more delicious than the last.



– roasted red pepper
– tomato
– parsley
– garlic
– sunflower oil
– salt
– sugar
– vinegar

Nutrition facts for 100 gr.

– Energy value604кJ/144kcal
– Fat7.5 g
– Saturated fat0.8 g
– Carbohydrates17 g
– Sugars5.2 g
– Salt1.6 g
– Dietary fiber
2.4 g.
– Protein
0.0 g
– Moisture68.89 %
– Ash1.98 g

Logistics information

– Gross weight790 gr
– Transport package12/1
– Number of packages per palette96
– Number of packages in a row12
– Number of rows per palette8
– Gross weight of the package9.68 kg
– Net weight of the package6 kg
– Gross weight of the palette930,36 kg
– Net weight of the palette576 kg