Quince jam with walnuts – 380gr

Quince jam with walnuts 380 g

The quince jam with walnuts is a special product of our culinary innovation and vision – an ingenious nutritional mix that if it did not exist in the world, it should’ve had to be invented. If you, too, love energy outbursts as much as we do, then this is the dynamic duo you should welcome as soon as possible.



– quince 70%
– nuts
– water
– sugar
– lemon acid

Nutrition facts for 100 g:

– Energy value1619kJ/378kcal
– Fat content1.9 g
– Saturated fat1.0 g
– Carbohydrates88 g
– Sugar68 g
– Dietary fiber1.8 g
– Total protein0.7 g
– Salt0.02 g

Logistics information

– Gross weight593 gr
– Transport package12/1
– Number of packages per palette132
– Number of packages in a row12
– Number of rows per palette11
– Gross weight of the package7.390 kg
– Net weight of the package4.56 kg
– Gross weight of the palette976.56 kg
– Net weight of the palette601.92 kg