Malijano hot – 500gr

Malijano hot 500 g

In addition to the perfectly selected vegetable gifts, a whole army of countless sun rays landed in this jar as their faithful companion. This is how our maligano was born and bred, with a recognizable greenish hue and a soft soul, as well as a combative and tingling flavor for all adventurers who will jump in euphoria from its hot texture.



– roasted green pepper
– hot pepper
– roasted eggplant
– sunflower oil
– mustard
– sugar
– salt

Nutrition facts for 100 g:

– Energy value860kJ/205kcal
– Fat15 g
– Saturated fat0.9 g
– Carbohydrates11 g
– Sugars2.7 g
– Dietary fiber2.3 g
– Protein2.1 g
– Salt1.8 g
– Moisture79.08 %
– Ash3.42 g

Logistics information

– Gross weight790 g
– Transport package12/1
– Number of packages per palette96
– Number of packages in a row12
– Number of rows per palette8
– Gross weight of the package9.55 kg
– Net weight of the package6 kg
– Gross weight of the palette917.88 kg
– Net weight of the palette576 kg