Hot Feferoni – 720ml

Hot Feferoni 720 ml

Small in shape, yet so powerful and irreplaceable – our pepperoni are equal to magic wands. Without them, even the greatest gourmet magic would remain incomplete. We have made a first-class selection with great dedication and ambition because we strongly believe in the solidarity of taste-sharing and quality that will fulfil even your highest expectations.



– pepperoni
– water
– vinegar
– sugar
– salt

Nutrition facts for 100 gr.

– Energy value82kJ/20kcal
– Sodium cloride %
– Carbonhidrates3.1%
– Total protein1.7%
– Moisture%
– Ash%
– Fat content0.00%
– Sugar1.2%
– Salt1.1%
– Saturated fat0.00%

Logistics information

– Gross weight1.047 kg
– Transport package12/1
– Number of packages per palette100
– Number of packages per palette15
– Number of packages per palette11
– Gross weigth of the package12.564 kg
– Net weigth of the package8.64 kg
– Gross weigth of the palette1276.4 kg
– Net weigth of the palette864 kg