Sour Cherry Preserve – 370gr

Sour Cherry Preserve 370 gr

Behind every widely known hospitality lies an even more famous sweet engraved in the culinary memory, and in this case it is our spectacular cherry sweet. Delicate and striking, we created it driven by the longing to build new interpersonal bridges. Made for an unforgettable and vital ingredient to lubricate current and future friendships, this is the fulfillment of every gourmet’s dream.



– cherries 70%
– sugar
– lemon acid

Nutrition facts for 100 gr.

– Energy value1263kJ/297kcal
– Sodium cloride0.00 %
– Carbonhidrates76.43 %
– Total protein0.40 %
– Moisture %
– Ash0.27 %
– Fat content0.66 %
– Sugar %
– Cellulose%
– Saturated fat %

Logistics information

– Gross weight583 gr
– Transport package12/1
– Number of packages per pallet150
– Number of packages in a row15
– Number of rows per pallet10
– Gross weight of the package7.396 kg
– Net weight of the package4.44 kg
– Gross weight per pallet1109.4 kg
– Net weight on the pallet666 kg